When Microsoft introduced Office 2013 they changed the way that the user installs office. Up until then, it was important to keep your CD and product key in case office needed to be reinstalled. However, after 2013 was introduced, Microsoft forced the user to create a Microsoft account and activate it with a one time use code.

The biggest problem that we have experienced is most people do not remember what user name and password was used when they installed Office for the first time, so when we have to install a new hard drive or transfer the data to a new machine, they can’t access their office product.

The mistake a lot of people make is that they have kept the product key, not realizing that this becomes redundant once the Microsoft Account is created and office is installed. The only way to reinstall it is by logging in to the users Microsoft Account.

Therefore it is imperative to keep a record of your Microsoft Username and Password.

Here are some useful tips that we have found to keep track of your office installs.

  1. Create a new outlook.com for each office install. This way if you ever move your email account from your current ISP you can still reset your password.
  2. If you are a company that has multiple licenses, we recommend also using a separate outlook account. This makes it easier to track which office was installed on each computer. Otherwise you will end up with a bunch of licenses and no idea which computer you had each license installed on.
  3. If you order your computer online from the manufacturer or a big box store you need to ensure that you get your office credentials

Impress Computers sells Office 2016 and Office 2019. if we install office for you we will keep a record of the username and password should you need to reinstall it down the road.