There have been a lot of storms pass through the area recently and this has caused power supply failure, blown motherboards, failed hard drives and networks have gone down.

It is important to have a good UPS or battery backup that is less than 3 years old  and that all computers, switches and routers are connected to the battery side of the UPS. Each UPS has a battery and surge side and a side that just has surge protection. In order for you to continue running whilst the power is fluctuating or going off everything needs to be connected to the battery side.

However, if you have a laser printer NEVER connect that to the battery side of the UPS as this can cause the UPS batteries to drain when printing and can cause the computer to shut down.

Overtime the surge protection and the batteries will become ineffective and should be replaced around every 3 years. Keeping an old UPS on your system means that your hardware may not be protected and it can actually cause problems as they can shut your PC down whilst you are operating it.

Getting the right UPS for you PC or server is also recommended.

For Basic Computers a 550va is sufficent

Gaming Computers use the 1000va or 1500va

Servers should have the 1500va


Remember that you also need to install the software and connect the usb cable so that your pc is shut down correctly should the power go off for an extended period of time.


If you use a 550va UPS on a server or Gaming computer then your computer may shut down as it is not getting enough power from the UPS

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