Over the past month we have seen another surge of infections by Cryptowall, WHICH WILL ENCRYPT ALL OF YOUR DATA.
This is a serious problem that you cannot ignore. We have seen customer’s lose month’s and years worth of data because they were not protected!
The most common cause is the user clicking on an attachment in an email that contains an executable file. IT IS EXTEREMLY IMPORTANT TO VIEW ALL ATTACHMENTS WITH SUSPICION
Servers are being infected over the network after a user clicked on a file.
You need to be aware of this problem and take evasive action.
With the elevated threat of the Cryptowall, it is essential to have in place some kind of protection and a  backup plan in case you get hit.
What is Cryptowall? 
Cryptowall is a new kind of Virus, it has been around for about 24 months in the mainstream “market”. What this virus does is encrypt all the data stored on your computer and any devices attached to it, such as a USB external hard drive, NAS drive etc. There are 2 keys that are needed to decrypt your files, the 1st one is stored on your computer. The 2nd key is stored on a server somewhere on the internet. The only way to get this key is to pay a ransom to the virus makers. Ransom must be paid in a digital currency called Bitcoin. In short, if you are encrypted the ransom  will cost about $1500 after all fees and  commissions are paid.
Why didn’t my Anti-Virus  pick this up? 
The easiest answer, the encryption software that they use is technically not a Virus. It is a standard encryption software that is similar to software being used by Norton and some backup hard drives. The 2nd Key is witheld until the ransom is fully paid.
How can I protect myself better?
A good solution is to get Impress Computers to install Anti-Cryptowall Software.
for a  One time fee of $25
This can all be done remotely and only takes about 15-20 mins to set up.
Secondly BACKUP Your Data.
I cannot stress this enough.
You should have at least 2 forms of backup to your data in addition to what is stored on your computer / server.
1. Local Backup in the form of a ultra portable USB Drive, 3.5″ External Hard Drive or a NAS Drive. You can also use automated software like Backup4AllPro to make it easier for you.
2. Offsite backup from CrashPlanPro.
REMEMBER – If a drive is connected after you received the infection the backup drive could be infected as well. IT IS IMPORTANT TO CONTACT US AS SOON AS YOU SEE ANYTHING LIKE THIS….

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If you are not sure if your computer was affected, bring it in for a FREE Inspection
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