Rapid growth in the Katy and West Houston area has attracted thousands of new residents and businesses, leading to expansive development across multiple industries. One principal region of growth has been the IT sector, will new residents and businesses all requiring computer maintenance and support. Impress Computers, a well reputed computer store with hundreds of five star reviews, has been a primary recipient of this growth. In recent months they have expanded not only their customer base, but also their team of employees.Mike Stallings
Bringing his wealth of experience from 18 years of corporate networking and problem solving to the team is Michael Stallings. Mike is a certified professional who has spent most of his career working as an IT technician in the medical, oil and gas, and real estate industries. He started his IT career path working in the cell phone, paging and two way radio arena diagnosing, repairing and aligning equipment. Michael brings many years’ experience as a customer support senior analyst as well as a systems administrator. Many have described Michael as a perfectionist as he strives to pull off the unthinkable when repairing hardware or software as well as optimizing performance of workstations, peripherals, and networking systems.
Roger Bequette
In order to meet the demands of their commercial sales growth, Impress has brought in Roger Bequette. Roger is a business growth coordinator, and has spent his last 10 years as the vice president of Smartmoves Cost Reduction Systems Inc., where his expertise and outgoing attitude led to increased sales and satisfied customers.
Kurt McClean
Rounding out the IT department is Kurt McClean, an IT consultant with over 20 years of experience. His primary focus lies in providing remote maintenance and network configurations for business environments, and he plans to use his knowledge in this area to further develop Impress’s flourishing remote support side.
Kurt and Michael will add to compliment of technical talent at Impress Computers. Konstantin and Hazem welcome them aboard
Daniel Storch
Finally, the newest member of staff is Daniel Storch. Daniel is a sales associate with experience in diagnostics, computer repairs, and over 8 years of experience in customer service. While at home, he spends most of his time gaming on his own custom built PC, and has been called upon numerous times to help build, repair, and maintain the computers of his close friends and family.
Impress’s focus over the last few years has been to deliver high quality solutions with a friendly smile. In pursuit of this goal, Impress has built a team of warm, capable staff members who genuinely care about their client’s happiness. It is this customer focused culture that has been the key to Impress’s sucsess as they strive forward into the New Year.
Sales Team

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