I wanted to let you know that Impress is still open with normal hours and providing support to the local businesses and our community.

Whilst we are experiencing shortages of laptops, monitors, web cams, wireless devices including keyboards and mice…… basically all the things that people need to work from home,…. we are getting shipments in every day.

At this point we are waiting hear about the pending Shelter in Place for businesses in Harris County.

Whilst we will still be able to offer remote support in the event of a Shelter in Place, we also feel that businesses and students will need local IT support, along with laptops, computers and general repairs that enables them to work or study from home. We have to wait and see if the order comes out and what will be considered essential business

If you have not done so already we recommend getting your IT requirements sorted out in the next day or so whilst we are still open.

We are all in this together and trust that everything will return to normal.

In the meantime, you may you contact me with any of your concerns or requirements on 281-647-9977. Here is a list of our current laptops and computers


Roland and Mandy