If you would like to improve your productivity and efficiency you can  start by adding more computers monitors to make multi tasking a breeze.

We have a wide range of monitors in stock, along with monitor stands and video cards and docking stations.

Most modern computers will handle up to 2 monitors without the need for a video card, but if you want to go up to 3, 4 or 6 monitors then we will need to add an additional video card or two to your computer.

We would need to see your computer to make the best recommendation to see what power supply you have and what connections you have on your motherboard.

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We have 24″ monitors on Sale for $119 and have everything in stock all the way up to 34″ Ultra Wide Monitors.

If you have a laptop, we can add multiple monitors with a docking station.

Everything is in stock and you can order from our website or come in to the store


Here are some examples of multiple monitors that we use at Impress Computers – we have all the brackets and monitors in stock if you would like something similar

Two Monitor Setup – Side by Side

2 monitor


Two Monitor Setup – Vertical

2 monitor vertical


4 Monitor Quad Setup

4 monitor quad


6 Monitor Setup

6 monitor setup

6 monitor setup

4 monitor quad2 monitor vertical