We have seen an increase in scam emails doing the rounds at the moment that can either infect your computer with a virus, on get access to your email account.

The biggest thing to remember is that you should not click on links or attachments.

If you hover over the link you can see where it would take you if you clicked the link, but whatever you do DO NOT CLICK THE LINK

It is always a good idea to go directly to the source, instead of following a link. For example if the email says that it is from Fedex, then simply go to Fedex.com and enter your tracking number.

By clicking on a link or attachment you could end up getting infecting with a virus,  hit by ransomware, or your email security could be compromised. In the latter case there is no obvious signs of infection, but the bad guys will have access to your emails and will wait for an opportunity to scam you by pretending to be a customer or supplier. There have been cases where wire transfers have been diverted by people mistakenly sending the money to a fake account

We have a video below which shows you what to look out for.


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