This week we have noticed an increase in the number of phishing emails that are falsely claiming to come from Microsoft, Outlook or Office365.

The emails are made to look genuine and have tricked a lot of people to click on the links and enter their email and passwords. This gives the scammers access to your email account and all of your contacts.The scammers are then using this info to track what you are doing and start intercepting emails that you send and receive.

I have pictured below 2 examples of these scam emails as well as a video that show you what to look for.

If you make the mistake of clicking on link you will need to make a plan to have your password changed as quickly as possible and have your computer checked out.

If you need better security for your emails ask us about our Hosted Exchange Secure Email Service with built in security.

This type of email security is offered to our Managed Service Clients, along with remote and onsite support.

Stay safe and have a great week

Roland Parker