If you have been concerned about your privacy when doing searches in Google you may want to consider installing Brave

One of our favorite things about Brave is its native privacy protection. The browser uses HTTPS secure connections wherever possible, doesn’t collect or sell your data, and automatically blocks ad trackers.

Built-in Ad Blocking

Brave also has integrated ad blocking. Though most browsers have extensions to do this, it’s a core feature of Brave.

The combination of ad and ad tracker blocking allows Brave to deliver impressive speeds and use less data resources.


There are some downsides, however

Probably the biggest downside to Brave is its current lack of extensions, add-ons, and plug-ins.

While browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. seem to have extensions for almost everything under the sun, Brave’s library is basically limited to password managers and a handful of other extensions.

Some Features Still in Beta

Brave is still a work in progress, with features like ad replacement and the Tor private browsing tabs still in “beta” (which means they’re not finished).

Doesn’t Always Work Well with Every Site

There have been occasions where we had trouble using Brave for a site that worked fine in, say, Firefox. But this tends to happen with all browsers, from time to time.


In short, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like messing with a lot of extensions and settings, but you still want a browser that provides fast speeds, blocks ads, and gives better built-in privacy, Brave is a great option

If you want to try Brave you can Down Load Brave here.. https://brave.com/


If you are experiencing pop ups and want a general tune up , bring it in to Impress Computers and we will perform the Tune Up and Install Brave at no extra cost