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A network assessment helps enterprises acquire a comprehensive view of their network and current status, and to identify ways to improve the overall performance of systems and address security vulnerabilities.
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Network Assessment

Because our tool identifies all devices within your network we’ll require proper credentials.

  • Domain administrative username and password ( If you have a Domain environment)
  • If you environment is a workgroup, with or without a Server, We’ll need each user credentials, unless their is a common Admin on each PC, we’ll only need that Admin credentials

* We cannot perform the assessment unless this information is on-hand and working.

The Process

Network Assessment

The assessment

A technician will visit your location and receive the credentials need for the assessment, Using this information the technician will connect our tool to your network and run the assessment.

Network AssessmentThis process takes 45 – 60 minutes to complete. In that time the Technician may ask question about your network equipment, processes and software used.

The Report

Network Assessment reportAfter the onsite assessment tool is completed, it is saved in an encrypted format to be analyzed by our staff and placed into a customized report.

We will schedule a meeting with you to provide you the report and discuss the finding and possible resolutions to any issues identified.


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