Recently we tested the latest Z8 AutoCad Ready Workstation from HP and were Impressed by the performance and design.

On the bench we had the Z8-G4T with the Xeon Dodeca-core 12 Core processor with a 512GB Pcie SSD Z-Turbo drive and 16GB of DDR4. The workstation was blazingly fast, but also has the option of an additional 12 core processor and upgradeability to 3TB of Ram with 24 Ram Slots that can hold 128GB Ram sticks!

We installed the HP M4000 Quadro Video card which works well with the latest 3D modeling auto cad programs. This is the 8GB Video card from Nvidia, but you also have the 5000 and 6000 series for enhanced performance.

What’s new on the Z8 G4? First off, Intel Scalable processors, which make many of the improvements possible, like 56 cores and support for up to 3 Terabytes of memory! The Z8 packs-in new technologies in a completely redesigned chassis that boasts better thermal control, and a nice new case design with a very well-organized interior layout.

The tri-channel cooling featured on the Z840 now has even more air flow paths on the Z8 G4.  The case is divided into two main zones. The power module, which has been completely redesigned, and wiring on one side, and the motherboard and all other components are on the other side separated by a metal panel, and the motherboard. Each processor has its own heat sink with a high-pressure air fan that pulls air in through the front of the system.

The new Scalable processors support transfer speeds of up to 10.4 Giga transfers per second on Ultra Path Interconnects or UPI. Compare that to the Quick Path Interconnect, or QPI, supported on the previous generation Xeon E5-2600 v4 family of processors, which only supported 9.6 Giga Transfers per second.

Storage is also impressive on this system with four internal drive bays that can support either one 3.5-inch drive or one 2.5-inch drive. So far this system does not support dual 2.5-inch drives in the internal drive bays. However, each of the front two 5.25-inch media bays can support either one 3.5-inch drives or two 2.5-inch drives with a drive tray adapter.

All told, this is an extremely powerful workstation at an affordable price