Impress Computers is still open and running, but we are aware of the Harris County Level 1 alert and the need for safety for everyone concerned.

For that reason we are only allowing 1 or 2 people in the store at any one time and we require you to wear a mask.

All computers will be cleaned before they are brought in to the store and we are sanitizing the store numerous times per day.


On-site visits will only be scheduled in cases of emergency and we recommending remote support as an alternative.


If you do need to bring the computer or laptop in to the store we recommend that you follow these procedures


1. Complete the online Check In Form

2. Drive to the Store 

3. When you arrive phone 281-647-9977

4. Place the computer or laptop on the table

Our employees will have a new pair of gloves and possibly a mask and we will wipe down your computer

We will dispose of once your pc has been wiped with disinfectant wipes

When your PC is ready we will phone you and collect the payment over the phone.

5. Come to the store and again phone us on 281-647-9977 and we will bring the repaired PC to your car 


Posted by Impress Computers on Monday, June 29, 2020