Have you been struggling with the performance of your computer or laptop and you are not sure what the problem is?

It could be one of the following

  • Virus or Spy ware Infections
  • Hard Drive starting to fail
  • Not enough Ram
  • Too Many Background Programs
  • Too many start up programs
  • Falling behind on Windows or Driver Updates

Watch this Video to give you an idea on what could be causing the slowness

Impress Computers is running a Promotion over the next 4 weeks where are offering to do the following

  • Deluxe Virus Removal
  • Cloning of your current drive to a SSD (240GB) you can pay the difference on a larger drive
  • Perform a Tune Up
  • Clean up the Start Up
  • Perform all updates, including Win10 if you are still stuck on 7

All of the above will be provided for $199

Have a great week