SCC Remanufactured fits HP CE505X/Canon 119II HC 6.5K Black compatible SCC Remanufactured fits HP P2055 3A


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CE505X (HP 05X)
LaserJet P2055 LaserJet P2055D LaserJet P2055DN LaserJet P2055N
LaserJet P2055X


For use with:
Canon All-in-One Machines i-SENSYS MF5940dn, i-SENSYS MF5980dw, ImageCLASS MF414dw, imageCLASS MF5850dn, imageCLASS MF5880dn, imageCLASS MF5950dw, imageCLASS MF5960dn, imageCLASS MF6160dw, imageCLASS M F6180dw
Canon Laser Printers i-SENSYS LBP-6300dn, i-SENSYS LBP-6310dn, i-SENSYS LBP-6650dn, i-SENSYS LBP-6670dn, imageCLASS LBP-6300dn, imageCLASS LBP-6650dn, imageCLASS LBP-6670dn, Imageclass LBP251DW

7 in stock


This replacement compatible cartridge delivers consistent, OEM-comparable print performance. Each cartridge has been qualified using rigorous quality testing to ensure optimal print quality. Like all of Static Control’s products, careful consideration of IP has been taken throughout the development and manufacturing processes.

• Image density is high both compared to OEM as well as other competitive alternatives on the market today, from the start to the last print
• Features patented SafeDrive Technology – a retractable mechanism on the OPC gear that prevents catastrophic end user failure and printer damage
• Fusing is OEM-comparable
• Built using Static Control chip technology


Printer Model  OEM Cartridge SKU OEM Stated Page Yield Cartridge Fill Load * Region
Canon® 1133 (imageRUNNER®) 3480B006 (C-EXV40) 6000   Europe
Canon® 650i (LaserCLASS®) 3480B005 (GPR-41) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP-251 (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP-251 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® LBP-251 (Satera®) 3480B004 (CRG-519II) 6400   Japan
Canon® LBP-252 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® LBP-253 (imageCLASS®) 3480B003 (CRG-319II) 6400   ANZ/AP
Canon® LBP-253 (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP253 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® LBP-3470 (imageRUNNER®) 3480B005 (GPR-41) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP-3480 (imageRUNNER®) 3480B005 (GPR-41) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP-6300 (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP-6300 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® LBP-6300 (Laser Shot®) 3480B003 (CRG-319II) 6400   ANZ/AP
Canon® LBP-6300 (Satera®) 3480B004 (CRG-519II) 6400   Japan
Canon® LBP-6650 (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP-6650 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® LBP-6650 (Laser Shot®) 3480B003 (CRG-319II) 6400   ANZ/AP
Canon® LBP-6670 (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® LBP-6670 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® LBP-6680 (imageCLASS®) 3480B003 (CRG-319II) 6400   ANZ/AP
Canon® LBP-6680 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF411 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF414dw ( imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® MF416dw (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® MF416dw (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF418 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF419 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF5840 MFP (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF5850 MFP (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® MF5870 MFP (imageCLASS®) 3480B003 (CRG-319II) 6400   ANZ/AP
Canon® MF5880 MFP (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® MF5880 MFP (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF5940dn (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF5950 MFP imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® MF5960 MFP (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® MF5980 MFP (imageCLASS®) 3480B003 (CRG-319II) 6400   ANZ/AP
Canon® MF5980 MFP (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF6140 (i-SENSYS®) 3480B002 (CRG-719H) 6400   Europe
Canon® MF6160dw (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
Canon® MF6180dw (imageCLASS®) 3480B001 (CRG-119II) 6400   North America
HP® LaserJet® P2055 CE505X 6500   Worldwide (excluding Japan)


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