CyberPower SineWave UPS 1500VA PFCRM2U 8 OUT 3YR


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CyberPower SineWave UPS 1500VA PFCRM2U 8 OUT 3YR

Key Features
  • 1,000W & 1,500VA Power
  • 8 x Protected NEMA 5-15R Outlets
  • 1500 Joules Surge Suppression
  • Sealed Lead-Acid Battery
  • 3.1 Minute Runtime at Full Load
  • 10.2 Minute Runtime at Half Load
  • 8-Hour Recharge Time
  • 15A Circuit Breaker
  • Hot-Swappable Design
  • 6-Foot NEMA 5-15P Right Angle Plug

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Protect your most essential communication devices with the CyberPower 1000W PFC Sinewave Rackmount UPS. Designed to fit comfortably within your server rack, this UPS offers battery backup support for up to eight devices, giving you ample time to properly shut down your system in the event of a power failure.

This UPS has an output power of 1,000W and 1,500VA, ensuring your connected devices can operate at a normal consistency across eight surge-protected NEMA 5-15R outlets. An integrated 15A circuit breaker and 1,500 joules surge suppression protects your equipment during unexpected power fluctuations. Sealed lead-acid batteries offer 3.1- and 10.2-minute runtimes when operating at full and half loads, respectively. Internal batteries are hot-swappable, enabling you to swap out depleted batteries for new ones without shutting down connected equipment. A 6-foot connector cable has a NEMA 5-15P right angle plug that sits at 45°, giving you enough room to reach your wall receptacle.

Power Design
This UPS generates energy that is identical to, or cleaner than the utility company’s power grid. You get low total harmonic distortion, minimal electrical noise, and optimal line clarity, suitable for your networking cabinet. Excess voltage is diverted away from sensitive electronic equipment during an AC power surge or power spike to prevent damage. The UPS also has EMI/RFI filters, preventing electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, ensuring your equipment operates properly.
Multifunction LCD Panel with Color Display
Displays immediate, detailed information on the UPS battery and power conditions. The color display quickly alerts users to potential problems before they can affect critical equipment and cause downtime.
CyberPower will repair or replace a defective UPS system (including batteries) within three years of the purchase date. CyberPower will repair or replace properly connected equipment if it is damaged by a power surge thanks to their Connected Equipment Guarantee of up to $500,000.
Additional Features
Fits comfortably in racks as small as 14 inches in depth, which is ideal for situations where space is at a premium
Conserves battery life by increasing the AC power and maintaining a safe voltage level without switching to battery mode
Prevents power surges that travel through Ethernet lines from causing damage to electronics
This UPS is ENERGY STAR certified, providing you with an energy efficiency that helps you save money and protect the environment
Ultra-quiet design minimizes noise during operation for a quieter work environment
Provides IT professionals with tools for monitoring and managing the UPS and backup power
A patented GreenPower UPS design allows utility power to bypass the UPS transformer, when AC power is stable, which reduces energy consumption, noise, and heat buildup


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