Non-OEM Compatible Replacement Cartridge for HP® CE278A Product Code: 002-01-TE278A


Compatible Printers
This product is compatible with these printers:



This replacement compatible cartridge delivers consistent, OEM-comparable print performance. Each cartridge has been qualified using rigorous quality testing to ensure optimal print quality. Like all of Static Control’s products, careful consideration of IP has been taken throughout the development and manufacturing processes.


Printer Model OEM Cartridge SKUOEM Stated Page YieldCartridge Fill Load* Region
Canon® D530 MFP (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® D550 MFP (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® FAXPHONE® L1903500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® LBP-6200 (imageCLASS®)3483B001 (CRG-126)2100 North America
Canon® LBP-6200 (i-SENSYS®)3483B002 (CRG-726)2100 Europe
Canon® LBP-6200 (Laser Shot®)3483B003 (CRG-326)2100 Asia – Pacific
Canon® LBP-6200 (Satera®)3483B003 (CRG-326)2100 Asia – Pacific
Canon® MF4410 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4410 (Satera®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4412 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4412 (imageCLASS®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4420 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4420 (imageCLASS®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4420 (Satera®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4430 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4430 (Satera®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4450 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4450 (imageCLASS®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4450 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4450 (Satera®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4550 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4550 (imageCLASS®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4550 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4550 (Satera®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4570 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4570 (imageCLASS®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4570 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4570 (Satera®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4580 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4580 (imageCLASS®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4580 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4580 (Satera®)3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
Canon® MF4770 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4870 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4880 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4890 (imageCLASS®)3500B001 (CRG-128)2100 North America
Canon® MF4890 (i-SENSYS®)3500B002 (CRG-728)2100 Europe
Canon® MF4890 (Satera® )3500B003 (CRG-328)2100 AP/ANZ/Japan
HP® LaserJet® Pro M1536 MFPCE278A2100 Worldwide
HP® LaserJet® Pro P1566CE278A2100 Worldwide
HP® LaserJet® Pro P1606CE278A2100 Worldwide


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