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From my experience, Impress is very attentive and very responsive when my office reaches out to them with their IT issues. Impress is quick to jump on a call with our team and resolve the issue. The Impress team is very professional and always ready to help! Also for Easter they sent us a huge container of M&M’s! It was super thoughtful and definitely unexpected :)

Nadia Cruz

Highly recommend Impress Computers. We were having trouble with our computers when we arrived at 7:00am to start our day – We called Impress Computers and they actually answered before they opened. Their IT Tech showed up very quickly and fixed our problem. Also, when I order ink for our postage machine they literally bring it the same day! Service with a smile!!
I work at John Coggin CPA Firm and Impress Computers provide their services. They have exceptional customer service. Their response is quick and solve any issue we have faced. They are very efficient and recommend their services.
I’m not surprised to see such a high rating for Impress – they have been wonderful so far and taken such a load off of my plate! My thanks to the entire team – they are so responsive and proactive.
Words cannot explain the AMAZING level of customer service Impress Computers provides. I saw a video that ROY posted and wanted to ask some questions about how he set up his monitors because I had similar set up with some issues. He took the time out of his day to address the issue for me and I am not even a client. If you are considering any sort of IT or computer purchases, this is the place to be. THANK YOU IMPRESS COMPUTERS.
Excellent service. My laptop crashed and needed a new hard drive. They were very professional and friendly and quick.
Have used them before and will definitely use them again.
We always appreciate Impress computers Roland and his team are simply the best! Thank you!
a month ago
This has been the best service i have ever received ,i thank y’all and andrew for the patience and guiding me through fixing my computer
I walked in on Friday and got greeted very well and the gentleman helped open the door when I was bringing in my PC to put new parts in and the process to check in was very very quick. I then walked in on Monday after the weekend and a gentleman named Andrew helped me out alot he was friendly kind and really new his stuff. He explained what he did to the PC and what the process was and it was just an amazing experience overall. This place needs more like Andrew and honestly the world overall.
Our entire network was a mess. It wasn’t a week after hiring Impress that our server crashed. Even though we had just signed on with impress, they got us back online in record time. They are the best!
I don’t know any other IT company that will take care of you like Roland and Mandy and the entire team at Impress Computers. My docking station went out and they had a replacement for me within 24 hours delivered to my door with a little bit of amazing experiential chocolates! Merry Christmas Impress! Thank you for all you do!

Brenda Cray

3 weeks ago
Had a wonderful experience with Impress Computers. We experienced a hardware issue that we knew would would be expensive to address. Impress provided us with a replacement recommendation of our old computer and they were able to transition everything to the new computer within 24 hours.
We did experience a communication lapse/interpretation issue with the technician regarding installation of MS products onto the new computer but Impress Computers took responsibility and we mutually agreed on a quick and acceptable way to resolve the issue. I recommend Impress Computers for personal and small business needs.
Mike Matcek
a week ago
Prompt, professional service! The guys at Impress Computers always go out of their way to make sure I get prompt service and professional advice. They have saved me $$$ by suggesting alternatives to what I came in for. I have used them over 12 years and I completely trust the team at Impress Computers.
Gwen Foster
a week ago
I love Impress Computers! They have been my IT support for many years. My desktop hard drive crashed because of a recent power outage and I got my repaired computer back the same day and everything was working great when I turned it on, like it never happened, which is great when you are a small business owner.

Robin Stegall

4 days ago
Always professional and courteous! The turn around time from the moment you place an order until it arrives is expeditious! Highly recommend!

Jim Davis

a week ago
Impress may be the little computer store on Provincial but to those of us who depend on them they are the GIANT for Computers and related equipment in the Katy area. With a friendly service oriented staff always ready to help and assist they are the Go To Place for your needs!
Richard Behlmann
6 months ago
I have been using Impress Computers for network management and IT issues for a few years. I have recently expanded my use of their talents to changing out hardware and hard drives. I always find them patient and knowledgeable and they will stick with it until it is fixed. They are very responsive and understand your emergency is critical to your day to day operation. Good bunch of folks.
Kristine Flores
6 months ago
IMPRESSIVE! This company is the cat’s meow! They are on it like white on rice! The people at this company are professional, kind, courteous, responsive, timely, knowledgeable and I can honestly say this is the BEST IT COMPANY I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. Kurt, Roland and Mandy, You’re the BEST! Thank you so much! I highly recommend!

Mayra Ruiz

a week ago
I only use Impress for all my tech needs. They are awesome!
Sean Keegan
6 months ago
These guys are tops! They’re convenient and capable. Took my PC in with a virus. Thought I would, at very least, lose a lot of data.. No data loss, computer was returned to like new condition and it only took 2 days. Amazing!
Kristen Pepper
a week ago
I have been a client of Impress Computers for a few years now – they are SO knowledgeable and I love that when I purchase a piece of equipment from them – they are the team that will be servicing it if there are any issues! I have not had one poor experience with this group – HIGHLY recommend!

James Koehn

a week ago
Always super helpful and pleasant to deal with! Very knowledgeable!

Richard Ell

3 weeks ago
First off, Truth in Advertising NAME…I was most definitely IMPRESSED with Impress Computers. My two computers (1 laptop, 1 tower) were in ‘stand down’ mode for close to 10 days, with an ‘unimpressing’ competitor, shall we say. Got ‘taken to the cleaners’ too, with the competitor. Having to foot their high bill, losing what’s called ‘opportunity costs’ in Business School (meaning “I was dead in the water” as far as navigating to catch some ‘fish’
(i.e” plata, money, buckaroos, etc.) while my computers were ‘down’. But, happily, that was NOT the end of the story. After asking around, networking with some savvy business folk, I found IMPRESS COMPUTERS. They had BOTH my computers humming once again, within a DAY, and, get this…for a very REASONABLE fee!!
As good ole Forrest Gump would say: “And that’s all I got to say about that!! ;-)”
Carry Jurek
6 months ago
This company is the best!! My wife recently wanted to extract all her old photos from a laptop that would take hours to turn on. They were able to save all our old photos and videos from the past 17 years. If you need any computer services, I highly recommend this company. Their dedication to customer service is the greatest!!!!!

Kyle Lindner

6 months ago
I usually buy many of cables and computer gear online but after stopping by Impress that has completely changed. I was buying a unique item and thought to go to an expert for advice. They were able to provide solid advice and actually provided me with a better product that has a dual purposes I needed as well as at a great price. Completely recommend them!!

Tracy Harris

6 months ago
These Guys are AWESOME!! They are always available and ready to assist when you call them.. Kurt and Josh are so very patient when working with you and helping you understand the process. I would highly recommend if someone is looking for a IT Team to assist.


6 months ago

I was definitely impressed with Impress! I had a used laptop and accidentally squished the laptop cable on a bed and messed it up.

I went over and they knew which one would work for my laptop model and was able to get home and back with a new cable the same day.

They also have very good warranties on their laptops.

Sam Eaton

10 months ago
About seven years ago I purchased a computer from Impress Computers. They exceeded my expectations for customer service and quality so much so that when it was time to get a new updated computer, I knew Impress Computers was going to build it for me. I was about to spend a chunk-of-bucks. The only guys I trusted with that type of investment was Impress Computers. And they have done it again. Only this time they went way above-and-beyond all my expectations. The shipping company damaged my computer, and when I contacted Impress Computers about it, they had the gentlemen who built my computer “Marlon” get with me to resolve the issues. Marlon was the greatest. He was very professional and fast. He located all the problem ares and had them fixed in only one day…..”ONE-DAY”. I am so grateful for Roland and Marlon and Impress Computers. I will no doubt be a customer for life, and I would highly recommend any one purchase products and services from Impress Computers.

Jesse Acosta

a month ago
Thank you for repairing my pc. Very professional and fast.

Lynn Messer

6 months ago
Impress Computers is a very good business! They always deliver right away either in person or in the mail and they have paid the shipping in the past ! I would recommend them to any business or private party. Their products are great and they are very friendly!

Jack Riggle

a week ago
As usual good service and honest suggestions.

Bianca Osborne

6 months ago
great lil spot to bring your laptop issues to! we brought ours in thinking one thing, and they actually found a different issue and fixed it! great price, great team. thanks so much!

Rath Law Office

7 months ago
I purchased a Cannon laser printer from Impress Computers approximately 2 years ago when I realized I was spending too much for my inkjet printer. The service I received at the time of the sale was great, but I am particularly impressed with the service I receive now, long after the sale is closed. My printer was making a loud noise, and then the paper would jam. I called the shop, and they were able to diagnose it over the phone and get me back to work so I could keep my business open. I highly recommend this shop!

Aaron Borden

9 months ago
They explored every avenue to ensure that my computer’s issues were fixed, and charged significantly less than Geek Squad quoted for the repair and investigation. They were highly transparent throughout the process, and I was thrilled with their friendly and speedy service. I will definitely be a repeat customer should my computer go on the fritz again.

Mark Guzman

7 months ago

Always a wonderful experience at Impress Computers. They know exactly what I am looking for even though I always do not. I just tell them what I am trying to do and they will provide the solution.

Top notch team of professionals there.

Sam Tran

2 months ago
I love their front desk services and technician team too. A technician named Hazem helped me a lot to analyze my laptop’s situation and explained how he would fix it and made my laptop returning to its golden age cuz my laptop was having difficult techibical issues and overheating problems which drove me into headache and I brought my laptop to other computer shops to troubleshoot it but all those guys gave up and told me my computer was imposible to fix and they asked me to continue to use this unstable laptop until I found impress computer through google reviews and recommendations- I was greet by two awesome employees there named Mr.Roy and Marlon- they aided me to fill in the check-in forms carefully and ensured me that they would do their best efforts to have my laptop like brand new. After one day, mr. hazem gave me the call and we had the good conversations about how he gonna replace the damaged components and reinstall the more powerful disk drive and window product for me. I received my laptop back and checked it again to make sure my laptop is in stable condition at the Starbucks store- everything is smooth again and now I can enjoy my games and do my home-works without annoying popped up erroRs and FPS heavy drop. Thanks god for leading me to this wonderful computer doctors- I will return to the store again and introduce it to my other friends- good business and friendly customer services.

Lori Gernand

6 months ago
I have used Impress Computers for at least 15 years – both personally as well as at my office – to provide hardware, software, IT solutions, backup support, computer repair, etc. They are easy to work with, explain things to you thoroughly, and send out regular email blasts to keep you up to date on virus protection issues, software support, and newest technologies. They have quality referrals for companies with whom they partner for network setup, IT, Cloud Support – all of it.

Robert Rocque

6 months ago
Roland and the guys have been helping us with our I.T. needs for the better part of fifteen years. They are very professional and knowledgeable…highly recommend using them for all your computer needs.

Christine Pizzuto

7 months ago
Running a small business, Impress Computers is also there for me, same day, when I need them. They are professional with a knowledgeable staff that care about their clients and meeting their needs. I highly recommend using Impress Computers.

James Martin

a month ago
Quick service. Professional assistance! 😀

Kim Ayers

6 months ago
Fully Promoted powered by EmbroidMe has done business with Roland for
13 years. Roland and Mandy are great people and their staff is very knowledgeable. GO to Impress computers, they will Impress you!!!!

Edward Hernandez

6 months ago
Extremely helpful.
very patient.
I would highly recommend giving the store a visit

Dave Barker

6 months ago
We have purchased a laptop, had service done on laptops, purchased accessories, etc. at Impress Computers. We keep going back because of their great prices, great service, their location right here in Katy (I like supporting local businesses), and friendly, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.

Randall Benzel

6 months ago
Impress Computers is always there when we need something for our business no matter how big or small. We recommend them for any and all computer needs.

Robert Lindsay

5 months ago
Not Only Does Impress computers host our emails but handles all our IT needs;When you have IT issues, Roland and his team explains in laymen term on what your problem is and then repair the issue…..We have been working with Impress Computers for about four years now and will continue to do so because of the highest rate of service we receive every time

Brian Maness

6 months ago
I had used Impress for printer toner and such over the last two years and gotten to know Roland and Roy during this process. At the first of 2019, I spoke with Roland about taking over my back up system and management of my computers and servers. Roland came to me with a very reasonable price. I decided to give them a try. Now here we are 8 months into this relationship and I am impressed (no pun intended) at the level of service, the quality of work, and the speed they take care of any problem I have. Josh and Kurt are my go to guys when I have a problem. They will call me up and tell me they need to fix something I never saw going wrong. They have also repaired two laptops for two different problems and each one was repaired and back in my hands in less than 4 hours. This company and these people are amazing!


7 months ago
Been dealing with Roland and the gang at Impress since their first days off Fry Road. Always professional, always effective, always looking for the best customer solution. Great folks to work with.

larrymey Hawkins

a year ago
Always a pleasure to deal with Impress. I have Done business with them for years and have never had a problem. The open like clock work and keep that schedule very dependable. Roland has always given me great deals and i cant thank him enough for that. They have been there time and time again to help me out of a jam when i needed something quick for an emergency they have always came though. I am defiantly a customer for life.
Brenda Pearson
6 months ago
Have used this business for many years and always have a good experience – they are reliable, trustworthy, responsive and, as a bonus, friendly and personable!

Camilo Diaz

8 months ago
Had dealt with Impressed when they ‘rescued’ all my photos in a failed hard drive; by chance my employer has worked with them for years and only see good reviews about their service. …More

Stephen Gonzalez

a year ago
Very impressed by Impress Computers. I dropped off a laptop on a Friday late afternoon to have a new hard drive installed and was happily stunned when I got a call at 5 same day that it was ready to be picked up. Impress also installed a new hard drive in my wife’s laptop previously. Very satisfied with both installations. Plus, these are just nice guys — very congenial and professional.

Sean Neill

a year ago
Impress Computers certainly live up to their name. Our Canadian setup required some work done in Florida and this Texas based company delivered on all fronts. They take the saying, “going the extra mile,” to the next level. Truly impressive! Highly recommend.

Wanda A

a year ago
Do you want great service? look no further, I absolutely loved my experience with Impress, very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! Customer service was outstanding and the computer was finished in one day. I love the experience and would recommend to all my friends
10 months ago
I have been doing business with this company for many years. I have purchased supplies, laptops, desktops, printers and recently a network server. I must say that I feel really comfortable with them, they have never pressured me into purchasing anything that I don’t need, as matter of fact they are always recomending different products to save me money. I have a small department with a limited budget and this company has served me well, allowing me to purchase what I need with out going over budget. The employees are friendly and professional and the owners always check on you after work is done to insure that you are satisfied with their products and services. If I had any gripe, it would be that you do pay more when you are not in contract, but I think that is with any company. I personally don’t like to be tied to a contract.

Carla Spragg

6 months ago
Excellent company and employees. They have incredible customer service and are here to help you fix your computer problems and a whole lot more!

Rodolfo Lobera

6 months ago
Im very happy with my experience with this place. The staff is totally oriented to help me and to fix my problem.

American Dental Care Partners, Inc

a year ago
We absolutely love Hazem! He comes in and doesn’t try to drag out the time or do other work not asked. He comes in and does his job and he is so good at it! They are very affordable for a small business like ours and they do a fantastic job! Thank you so much!

Lorraine Esparza

a year ago
We absolutely love Hazem! He comes in and doesn’t try to drag out the time or do other work not asked. He comes in and does his job and he is so good at it! They are very affordable for a small business like ours and they do a fantastic job! Thank you so much!

Don Burns

a year ago
Took laptop to them because it wasn’t charging in my home. They checked it in the shop and it started charging. They said to try another out let at home. I had been using a power strip. Got rid of the power strip and it started to charging. I have used these guys before and they r great. Don burns

Nancy Vanderbilt

a year ago
I am a REALTOR and live on my computer. Discovered IMPRESS many years ago when they were north of I-10. I was impressed since day one with the level of expertise and lack of pressure to upgrade or buy anything. Recently upgraded my hard drive. The price was very competitive . I have sent emails after hours and never fail to get a prompt response. Would not think of going any where else. Love their new location off of Mason on Provincial. Keep up the good work.

Kendra Kadlacek

a year ago
Quite literally they saved me. My computer quit working after we had a power bump/surge at the house. They had a very good and cheap replacement that I bought from them, they transferred all my apps/data/files/pictures/taxes/favorites/daughter’s school work/etc to the new machine, and had it all done in just a few hours. Top rated.

Budget Blinds of Katy and Sugar Land

a year ago
We love Impress Computers and everyone that works there! For years they have taken care of all of our printers, printer cartridges, computer repairs, computer accessories, etc. Recently they put a new Solid State Hard Drive in my MacBook Pro and transferred all of my photos and files. I am so pleased I didn’t buy a new computer and did this instead because it lightning fast now! Thank you Impress Computers, y’all are the best!


10 months ago
Had issues with my laptop and backup drive. They did a great job getting it back up and running.

Randel Mcmillin

8 months ago
They had exactly what i needed, a charger for my 5 year old toshiba satellite. Plugged it in for me and tested it before I left

José F. Morillo

a year ago
Just had a new hard drive put into my computer after an analysis showed that a crash was imminent. The team at Impress Computers was, well… Impressive! The work was done in a quick manner and everything was done so that a laymen like myself could understand the process. The transition from the old hard drive to the new was seamless. I highly recommend this team for all of your computer needs!

Taylor Evans

a year ago
I called Impress Computers for a server issue, and within an hour, they were at our place of business and then solved our problem in less than 30 minutes. I sure wish I knew of you all sooner! Will keep you in my “Favorites” for any other IT issues that arise in the future. Thanks so much!!

Corinne Cooper

a year ago
Just took our printer to them with a paper jam issue and they fixed it right then and there while we were waiting. Very knowledgeable and courteous. They sell new and refurbished laptops, as well as printers. Check them out!

Warren Murdoch

a year ago
This store is somewhere I would send my mother to buy or replace her computer. The staff is much better than most corporate Help Desks and they only sell hardware that they know is reliable. Highly recommended.

Dj NiteKap

a year ago
These guys are definitely worth checking out. They’re nice, knowledgeable, and affordable

Brian Bearden

a year ago
Great customer service. Took care of our computer issue the same day. I would highly recommend Impress over any of the big box stores that offer repair services. I will use again.

Lynn Wolf

a year ago
Very helpful and honest. They had a lot of patience with my endless questions and provided superior service. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone.

Susana Demore

a year ago
They do great work with computers! Saved my pictures from my 2-1 even when Geek squad wouldn’t touch it!

Colin Smith

8 months ago
Roland was very professional and helped give us the information we needed about our HP printer. Thank you!

Jeff Meador

a year ago
I’m an operations manager for a commercial construction company. I can not be without my laptop. It began giving me errors and shutting down putting me at a loss. Roland and his gang had it fixed in one day. Myself and my son have purchased laptops from impress as well as had them work on our computers. They are friendly, professional and care about their customers. I recommend Impress computers for anyone but especially those who can’t afford to be without their computers.

Nancy Moeller

a year ago
Pretty amazing place! Brought my MacBook in with big virus problems in the morning and it was virus-free and back in my hands by late afternoon. That is some excellent service, I gotta say! Technically adept, fast, and customer service oriented — a winning combination!

Thomas McGowan

a year ago
I have been using Impress for a very long time, probably since they first opened. The service is excellent, and they have always been there with a quick response to help keep my business running smoothly.

Michael Wilkinson

6 months ago
Beautiful surface,love it ,thank you

Lisa Mikosh

a year ago
I use Impress for my agency, clients and personal computer needs. Everyone is very knowledgeable helpful and has a common sense, efficient and cost conscious approach. Love this place and the people

Steve Nettles

10 months ago
Good job on my lap top.

Sissy Capron

a year ago
We recently used Impress Computers based on a recommendation of an IT company that closed its offices in Houston. My husband and I worked with Josh/Impress via a remote consultation. Josh was very organized, efficient, courteous and professional. We will definitely use Impress Computers again.

Jennifer Slivensky

a year ago
Impress has been taking care of our IT needs for years now. They are very professional, responsive to our needs and always quick to resolve whatever comes up. They are like an extension of our business.

Thomas Reilly

a year ago
Have been relying on Impress Computers for years now to handle our computer repairs and equipment needs. Highly recommend.

Ron Krimm

a year ago
I had great service in new product, on my purchase ! Now small issue came up and there helping. Recommend them

Ben Garcia

2 years ago
Awesome experience in the store. Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. Had them repair an issue with my desktop. It was returned when they said it would be for a very reasonable price. Definitely will go back.

Barbara Thuren

a year ago
Have always received professional and prompt service. Thanks!

Rath Law Office

2 years ago
The staff at Impress Computers is always friendly and helpful, no matter how big or small the issue. No question is too trivial for a thoughtful answer. My spouse and I went to Impress Computers for a new laptop. Roland Parker, one of the owners, spent all the time it took for my spouse to ask questions and be reassured that the laptop chosen was the right one for our needs. Then, the staff quickly and efficiently loaded the software needed for the tasks for which the laptop would be used. Impress Computers provides top-notch service at a price which meets or beats the big box stores. I highly recommend Impress Computers.


a year ago
Our company has been using Impress for hardware purchases for over 4 years now. I feel like they are always fair with their pricing and i am very happy with the service i receive from Roland and Roy.

Ahmed Hafidh

a year ago
Very Professional and good knowledge and nice people, and they will advise you for better parts. Don’t hesitate to visit them and see how much you will be satisfied

clayton mcdonald

3 years ago
My computer completely stopped working. We got the dreaded blue screen and we couldn’t even start it up in safe mode. I took it to Impress Computers and they did their diagnosis, communicated with me the whole time about what our options were as well as the prices that went with them, and had the computer fixed and ready for me to pick up the next afternoon. The staff was knowledgeable and courteous. I felt comfortable upon meeting them that they wouldn’t rip me off. I will definitely use their services again should I have any more issues.

Roberto Perez

2 years ago
I have used the services at Impress Computers several times. Not only have they fixed all my issues, but I have always come away with new knowledge on how to work on my desktop myself. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the service has always been great, and the pricing has always been fair. I will definitely continue to use them for all my computer needs.

steve black

a year ago
outstanding customer service, outstanding technical support, outstanding repair. I highly recommend this business. Roy, another satisfied customer, thank you

Jerry Simmons

a year ago
Great place to go Family own and they treat you right

Neil Bradley

a year ago
I had an urgent need of a M.2 SSD drive. I accidently bought the wrong one, but Impress took care of me, gladly and QUICKLY took the wrong one back and sold me the correct one. The entire process took just a few minutes. No hassle, friendly service. Just what I like in a local family-run shop.
Keep up the good work Impress!

Trey Dugal

a year ago
Impress Computers has been very responsive to my requests. They can do it all, from new printers to all the networking that we need to expand my business.

E Golden

a year ago
Great group of people. Excellent at what they do…. everything computers!

Pamela Nelson

a year ago
Impress is our School’s IT source for issues and maintenance on our PC’s. They monitor and maintain on a daily basis and respond promptly to our questions and problems. We’re glad we have them.

Bob Mueller

3 years ago
Time is Money. I’ve built my own computers and maintained my own network for my company for 20 years. I always handled everything on my own. But, sometimes it pays to get a professional involved. I have used other vendors sporadically in the past few years, and always been a little bit disappointed. Boy, am I glad I decided to give Impress computers a try! They listened to my needs, and executed perfectly. The project came in, BEFORE the promised due date/time, AND UNDER BUDGET!! 6 stars!! Maybe even 7!!

Ann Barnhart

2 years ago
I received same day service on the repair of my desktop. They were helpful on the phone before I brought the machine into their store, professional at check-in and my computer is working great. I will recommend them to my friends.

Tracee Polvogt

2 years ago
All of the staff is courteous and knowledgeable! Our business has been working with Impress for about 10 years or more at this point and I have loved every moment of it! Roy, Brian, and every member of their staff have experience and know-how to keep your business running smoothly.

Steven Primm

3 years ago

I have used Impress Computers several times, and been delighted each and every time. The owner and all of the staff are dedicated to providing good quality products and services at reasonable prices. They are not just about making money. They are about taking care of their customers as best they can.

One day I took my Father’s tablet in for repair – replace digitizer screen. They told me that they did not have a tech on staff currently to take care of that particular task, and they didn’t want to disappoint. So they referred me to another company.

Wait for it….
Let that sink in…..

They could have taken the device, farmed it out to a competitor for repair without my knowledge, and then charged me more money.

But they didn’t do that. They took care of their customer’s needs even though they did not make any money on the deal.

Of course I will be back to Impress Computers.

(Some days I drop in just to look around, and chat, and get a piece of hard candy from the jar on the counter. Like going to the old general store on Main Street in small town, rural America.)

marc schmidt

3 years ago
Great Service! The crew were very processional in helping me on building my computer at a reasonable price. They also were extremely helpful when said computer surged out and made sure all damaged parts were replaced in a timely matter. They also will call if any developments should they arise during your repairs. Highly recommend if you need computer parts and/or repair.

Kyle Gugel

2 years ago
Excellent customer service and communication! I had my laptop repaired and it was done in a very timely manner and everything was in working order. Very professional and I highly recommend them!