In a world where a few hours of downtime can lose a company thousands of dollars, the thought of shutting down an entire company just to change out an old piece of hardware does not appeal to most businesses. Upgrading servers to keep up with the times is mandatory however, and nobody does it better than Impress Computers. This growing business is taking over the Katy and West Houston server industry through the sheer force of their high quality service.

Part of the service they provide for their clients involves a one-on-one meeting in which the client and a knowledgeable staff member analyze the demands that will be placed on the server. This is an important step because it ensures that the server is able to meet the needs of the client while maintaining cost effectiveness. Impress brings in everything from $1200 to $10,000 models, including the Lenovo TS140, TS440, TD440 and RD530

The TS440 utilizes a variety of useful features aimed at reducing or eliminating server downtime. First and foremost on this list is insurance that the server won’t experience a loss of power during a storm or power surge. To do this, the server operates with two hot-swappable power supplies running at half power. If one shuts down or fails, the other one just runs at a normal rate until a new power supply is installed. To take this one step further, Impress recommends that each power supply receives its own Uninterrupted Power Supply unit. In the event of a power-cut, the server will be able to continue running for hours.

It also supports a Raid 10 system with its four hot-swappable hard drive slots. Raid 10 is arguably one of the best storage methods for small to medium sized servers, as it creates a backup set of the data as it writes. If a hard drive fails, the server immediately switches to using the backup copy. These two features work together to protect the business from any data disruption or downtime in the event of hardware failure or even power loss.

It is this careful attention to detail that sets Impress apart from other server vendors in the area. They don’t just provide a generic machine, they deliver a secure server with integrated fail-safes and parts specifically geared to fit the needs of the client. – See more at: