At Impress Computers, building a modern workplace is not just a catchphrase; it’s a commitment. Let us guide you through the transformation by moving your file server and team collaboration apps seamlessly to Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

Elevate Workplace Collaboration with Impress Computers

Vault your workplace collaboration into the cloud with the assistance of a Microsoft Partner and certified engineers.

Modernize Your Workplace Today

Your old on-premise file server and legacy communication platform might be holding you back. An on-premise file server is more than a headache; it’s a single point of failure that can set your business back years. Without a modern collaboration tool, your workforce remains stuck in the stone ages. Let’s transcend these limitations and take your workplace fileshare and collaboration to the cloud with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams Online.

Discover how the move to SharePoint and Teams helps small businesses transform the accessibility, security, and productivity of the workplace.

Key Benefits:

  • Say goodbye to your legacy Windows file server to meet the needs of a mobile workforce.
  • Give employees quick access to their data anytime, anywhere.
  • Improve employee collaboration with a user-friendly video conferencing and chat solution.
  • Ensure access to your data during a disaster recovery scenario.
  • Stop paying too much for too many different SaaS solutions (Dropbox, Slack, Basecamp, etc.).

44% of IT professionals adopt Microsoft Modern Workplace to deploy Teams and connect it with existing SharePoint sites. (State of Microsoft 365: Migration, Modernization, and Security in 2021)

What a Modern Digital Workplace Means for You

Microsoft Modern Workplace comprises SharePoint and Teams, providing a decentralized, scalable, and cost-efficient model for your IT infrastructure.

Key Benefits:

  • Store and share documents in the cloud with remarkable ease, accessible from anywhere and integrated across your Microsoft 365 apps and systems.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness.
  • Bright ideas for controlling monthly spend, including streamlined Office 365 licensing plans.
  • Up or down scalability of services.
  • Insistence on anywhere, anytime, any-device access for employees.

Let’s Get You There

Our goal is to help you build a thriving modern workplace with SharePoint and Teams. To achieve this, your assigned Impress Computers migration team will guide you through every step of the process:

Discovery Mode

Determine your goals for the project, take inventory of existing apps, tools, and files, and get a clear idea of your company structure and headcount.


Build a detailed roadmap of the entire migration to a modern workplace, with each

Migrate File Server to SharePoint

Optimize your existing files, folders, data, and permissions for an efficient migration. Prepare your new Azure cloud environment and move everything over using our tailored migration process.

Create Teams from New SharePoint Site(s)

Launch new teams for each new SharePoint site created during the migration, allowing your employees to hit the ground running on day one.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Microsoft Modern Workplace is the new model for managing your security, devices, and data. Don’t get left in the dust! Contact one of our Microsoft-certified experts at Impress Computers to schedule a complimentary tech assessment and determine the next steps.

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