Stay Virus Free – Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Watch out for Scam Emails – We are seeing an increase in Fake Office365 emails requesting you to reset your password, or allocate more space. If you hover over the link they provide (without clicking it) you will see that the url does not look legit. The same applies for Docusign, UPS, Fedex etc. Delete these emails.
  2. Treat Pop-Ups Correctly. DO NOT HIT THE “X”. Simply hit ALT-F4 or CTRL-W to close the pop up. If you hit the X you can activate a virus.
  3. If the whole screen is taken up and ATL F4 does not work, then hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, bring up the task manager, select the offending program and End-Task.

After these type of pop ups it is a good idea to do a disk cleanup.

I have including a video which goes through these in more detail
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Happy Surfing!