I wanted to take a few minutes to express my high level of satisfaction with your team.

As you know, we struggled in every way you can imagine moving to our new location. Kurt (which I have the impression was overseeing the move from an IT perspective) did an amazing job coordinating and making it happen. I do believe he went the extra mile and did all he could to help us in every possible way.

I have very high expectations when it comes to customer service as such, I closely pay attention to every vendor/service provider we have.  Impress Computers is the only vendor that I have seen exceeding my expectations. Every tech you have sent to help us whether in person or remotely has been:

  • Reliable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Professional
  • Efficient

I am also satisfied with how quickly our IT issues are resolved. I hope this does not change in the future and I hope you take good care of your team.