The ticking time bomb inside your computer is your hard drive.

Most people take for granted how much valuable information and documents are stored on their hard drive…that is until it stops working.

Here are some indicators your hard drive may make your life miserable sooner rather than later:

  1. Your computer is running slower than it used to
  2. Your computer is 3 years or older (this means you are living on borrowed time with your hard drive)
  3. Your computer is 1 to 2 years old (this means you may soon start running into issues)

Impress has a solution.

For $20 per PC or laptop, we will analyze the health of your hard drives and provide you an assessment on each computer.

We will provide you a written report along with recommendations on which hard drives need to be repaired and why.

For the computers that need to be repaired, we will credit you the $20 assessment on that computer toward repair costs.

Simply reply to this email with the word “hard drive” and I will personally reach out to you to discuss next steps.

All the best,

Roland Parker