I  wanted to welcome you into the Impress Family and to introduce you to your Support Team

This can be shared with your staff so that they know who is providing the support.

If you need IT Support you can email ticket@impresscomputers.com or call us on 281-647-9977

Kurt will be the lead tech and involved in overseeing your Team, as well as the higher level support issues.

Johnathan will handle all the Microsoft and o365 issues and onboarding. We can also advise on your migration to Standard as well as addition email security like Office Protect

Marlon and Josh will handle the rest of your Help Desk Issues and troubleshooting

Konstantin will assist with Mac related Issues

Hazem will deal with networking and laptop upgrades / troubleshooting

Andrew can assist with Custom Builds or AutoCAD Laptop Purchases

Roy can assist you with any Printer Issues or Printer Supplies

Bruce will assist with any other sales issues or onsite scheduling of the techs

Ian will be your Account Manager

And of course Mandy and myself will always be available for any queries or additional support that you need.