VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is a connection between a Secure Server and your computer, through which you can access the internet.

A VPN will increase the security of a web session, transmitted data, financial transactions and personal information online, no matter where you are. Especially if you are using public wifi spots like coffee shops, hotels and airports as your connection can be hijacked or snooped on fairly easily.

VPN’s will also help protection against identity theft as it makes it harder for 3rd parties to track you.

If you remote in to your computer from outside the office, having a VPN is highly recommended

However, do not think that just because you have a VPN that you are protected against viruses, spyware, malware and ransomware.

You still need a good anti virus, like Vipre and a good anti malware like, Malwarebytes, which will also help against ransomware.

If you run a business, we also recommend using Threatlocker to completely lock down you system from getting infected as it does not allow anything to run outside your white-listed programs

There are many free and paid options for VPN, however we recommend Express VPN