With the increase in the number of companies now working from home, we wanted to give customers an update on what to look out for and best practices

Secure Remote Access – The ability to work remotely is now an important part of doing business in today’s environment, especially the  in light of the Corona Epidemic. However the bad guys are also aware of this and we have seen a sudden increase in the number of Ransomware Attacks where the hackers have used open ports on routers to access the server  or computers in the office. If you are remoting in from home it is important to look at the most secure way of doing this.  We have found that Logmein is both secure and reasonably easy to use. It may be a bit pricey, but is certainly a lot less expensive than paying the cost of ransomware or recovering from backups. https://www.logmein.com/buy

Also do not let employees use their own laptops as these can often contact viruses. Laptops are going to be in short supply, so if you do not have any spare units it would be a good idea to get them now. NEW. REFURB

Online Meetings – Social distancing is forcing companies to now have online vs face-to-face meetings. Setting up online is relatively easy and you simply need a webcam and mic. Here are some of the ones that we recommend

Zoom offers video conferencing that also includes real-time messaging and content sharing features. Your team members or clients can join meetings from any device, so it’s perfect for businesses with flexible needs. It also includes recording and scheduling functionality.

Zoho’s meetings tool can be used for both online meetings and larger presentations. You can schedule meetings in advance or start them immediately. You also get access to audio, video and screen sharing features, as well as recording if necessary.

Increase in Scam Emails – We have seen a huge surge in scam emails that talk about COVID-19 or CORONA. Do not click on links or attachments and get your updates from CDC.gov instead of 3rd part sources.

Along with all other types of emails scams it is always best practice to go directly to the source. If the email says it is from your bank.. go to your bank and do not click on a link, if it says it is from a shipping company, go directly to Fedex, UPS or DHL etc


Sharing Files – With employees now working from various remote locations it is important now more than ever to have file synchronization methods. It is also equally important to have security and versioning. We use and recommend Egnyte and there  is more information on this on our website https://www.impresscomputers.com/cloud-solutions/cloud-storage-file-sharing/

Sharing information and Quick Communication – Microsoft Teams is a useful tools for communicating and sharing ideas. This may already be included with your Office 365 subscription

Webcams – Most laptops have a webcam installed, but if you have a desktop or want to have the flexibility of moving the camera around then we have webcams for $34.99

Shortages of Inventory – We are anticipating a shortage of laptops as supply lines are drying up. If you need your employees to have laptops, we sell business class units starting at $349