Modern IT management has evolved to a point where it demands a deep, careful attention to each potential point of failure. Network vulnerabilities, hardware health, and software compatibilities, among others, must be proactively cared for.

In this landscape of hyper-accelerated technological progression, our technology experts constantly learn and expand their knowledge in order to provide our customers with optimal solutions for their situation.

If you are concerned about the performance of your network, or how vulnerable you may be, then Impress Computers has a solution. We are offering a complimentary Network and Risk Assessment. Whether you manage your own network or have an outside firm managing it for you, if you do not have the correct tools to analyze where your risks are then you could be exposing your company to numerous risks.

Simply go to our website Impress  and click on the icon “Schedule a Free Assessment”.  We will send a tech onsite at no charge to you and present you with a report on what needs to be done to improve your security, along with a management plan and site diagram. You will get these reports whether you use Impress Computers or not.

Schedule your onsite visit today!