Every week we deal with multiple cases of lost data from one reason or another and it is important you ensure that you follow the recommended backup procedure NOW, because tomorrow may be too late.

  1. Your data should be primarily kept on a Server, PC, or NAS that runs on a RAID system with multiple drives
  2. Backup your data daily to a NAS drive that also has multiple hard drives
  3. Backup your data to the cloud so that in the event of catastrophic failure you have your data offsite
  4. You can also had a 4th option of backing up your NAS drive to USB portable drives that you alternate… keeping one offsite at all time.

You should also periodically check and test your backups to ensure that you recover your data should something happen. Don’t wait until an event occurs and discover that your backups were not working. We have even seen cases where the incorrect data was being backed up!

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Video on how to backup correctly